See The Reasons Why We Fart Excessively

See The Reasons Why We Fart Excessively


Reasons Why We Fart Excessively

Reasons Why We Fart Excessively

Everyone farts. It is not open to discussion. But when you often fart and smells like a dead rat, it is a source of concern. Indeed, very soon identified as it spoils the atmosphere and this can be very embarrassing. Therefore, if you publish farts at an exceptionally stable pace, see the reasons why this is happening.

Here Are The Reasons Why We Fart Excessively

Consuming too many dairy products

This is for those who love milk, cheese, ice cream and other dairy farms. Leave all dairy products for a few days and you will feel more comfortable with yourself. Perhaps, it may be time to completely abandon the dairies.

Always drinking non-alcoholic beverages

For people dependent on alcohol or soft drinks, it is more likely to transmit gas as it causes the air to be trapped in the colon. Therefore, try to reduce the number of drinks a day down to minimize farting.



This is a condition for which it is difficult to empty your intestines. The result of this is farting.


Eating too many sweet things

Sometimes it is difficult for artificial sugar to dissolve or digest in the body. It takes a lot of time, especially when your body is loaded with it.



Being stressed out is another reason why some people fart. Therefore, try to relax as much as possible. Farting is a sign that you are under stress. So take a break or vacation


i Believe You now Understand The Reasons Why We Fart Excessively

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